·         Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) involves students learning about the historical, contemporary and future of our global world and its people. The HSIE faculty manages a wide range of subjects, both mandatory and elective, across all stages.


·         History and Geography are compulsory in Years 7-10. In a given year, students study each subject for one Semester. Knowledge and understanding is assessed through structured research tasks, formal examinations and classroom contribution and performance.


·         The Board of Studies subjects of Commerce, Elective History and Aboriginal Studies are currently delivered as 200hour elective courses for Years 9 and 10.


·         Stage 6 courses are many and varied in the HSIE key learning area. Students in Years 11 and 12 are presently studying Ancient History, Business Studies, Business Services (VET), Legal Studies, Modern History and Work Studies.


·         The HSIE faculty recognises the importance of engaging students both inside and outside the classroom. Fieldwork is a central component in the study of humanities with many excursions and incursions offered to students. Recent opportunities include a Local Area Study of Muswellbrook – historical and geographical perspectives; Newcastle Fieldtrip; Singleton Army Barracks; Newcastle Justice Precinct. Furthermore, students are offered the opportunity to test their skills and knowledge in a wider context through participation in national and state History and Geography competitions, essay competitions and simulation activities.


·         There are six dedicated and experienced educators within the HSIE faculty who share a common objective of developing interested, independent learners. They are committed to assisting students to cultivate positive attitudes and values as well as developing skills in investigating, communicating and participating. All staff members have a coordinated and collaborative approach, sharing ideas, strategies and opportunities in their teaching and learning.