Careers at Muswellbrook High

Some of the features of Careers at Muswellbrook High are:

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·         Year 10 Career Lessons

·         The school runs its own trades and careers expo in May-June each year. These presentations coincide with vital recruitment information many of these industries

release in the following weeks for apprenticeship and traineeship advertisements.

·         ‘Unicrawl’ an annual overnight excursion to six of the state’s leading universities

for Year 11 and 12 students.

·         University Open Days for schools at Newcastle University in June/July and the University of New England Armidale in May for Yr 11 and 12 students.


·         The ‘Uni road show’, a presentation from four universities on applications, HECS,

living on campus and scholarships, runs at the school each year for senior students

and parents are invited as well.

·         A Mock interview program with local industry representatives for Year 10 students.

·         Principal and career teacher interviews for each Year 12 student.

·         Work experience is an optional program available to Year 10 students.

·         Interviews with Year 10 students on career direction and subject selection for

the HSC.

·         Interviews with Yr 11 students regarding transition from Year 11 into Year 12

including maintaining or changing subject load.

·         Interviews with Year 12 students regarding half yearly results and the direction

of their HSC, potential ATAR analysis and strategy.

·         Industry presenters at school.


·         Excursions to industry

·         TAFE Outreach programs for Year 10 students. Recent examples include term

length programs in carpentry, hair, small motors and beauty.

·         Plan It Youth mentoring with trained community members.

·         Introduction to university for indigenous student excursions.

·         Several OH&S ‘greencard’ courses have run at the school throughout the year

at greatly reduced costs thanks to links with Muswellbrook TAFE.


·         A number of Information nights are also run throughout the year for parents

and students on HSC subject selection, Board of Studies requirements, ATARs,

University regional entry programs and UAC.

·         An information guide and school mobile details are posted to all Year 12 parents

in case they have any questions arising over the school holiday university

offer/change of preference period.

·         Scholarships, the school is fortunate to have exclusive access to up to four

university scholarships thanks to the Phipps Charitable Trust and four scholarships

that are only available to several schools in the district from Bengalla Mining. A

number of other regionally based scholarships and grants also apply.


·         The HSC Honour Roll Assembly has also developed in recent years to acknowledge

the great achievements of the previous year’s graduating class and wish them well on

their future career path.


·         ‘Back to the Brook’ is an event and concept developed in recent years where ex students have returned for a ‘Back to the Brook’ assembly, morning tea with staff,

talks with senior students and a talk to their former primary school. Information is

available on facebook, ‘BAcktotheBrook’.



Useful links for parents and students
Contains a very extensive personality test programme for choosing a career
Myers – Briggs Personality Test

Future Employment Trends or  
Careers for the future, trends in Australian, labour market information, trade careers, regional skills

projects, etc

Australian Qualifications Framework 
Australian Qualifications Framework offers advice on all levels of training and education and where each

will take you

TVET Courses

TVET Course information

HSC and HSC Leavers 
Hints to overcome HSC stress and pressure as well as information for parents of HSC students

VET in schools directory parent information 
A guide to options and choices for after school life  
Information from fees to loans through to courses and resources for those going onto tertiary studies 
News, views, advice and information for students wanting to take a year off from studies after leaving school  
For students wanting an international education or study overseas  
The Government Education portal is the gateway to more than 3000 websites providing reliable information

about education and training in Australia

VET & Australian School Based Apprenticeship (and full time Apprenticeships) and Traineeships Information 
A NSW Government produced website offering details on Graduate Opportunities, Apprenticeships and

Traineeships, School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships as well as Trade Schools. Also helps to

showcase various vocational career paths based a liking for maths and science and related to a

preference for indoors or outdoors. Also includes other interactive online activities  
Apprenticeship and traineeship information
Vocational Education in Schools site, outlining courses developed or endorsed by the NSW Board of

Studies for NSW Senior High School Students
More information for students thinking about undertaking a VET course in NSW
A link to the Australian Apprenticeships Website containing information about Australian School based Apprenticeships or ASBA’s
An excellent web site containing career and educational flow charts to help young people with their

decisions on vocational career pathways, traineeships and apprenticeships
An apprentice may be entitled to a tool kit worth up to $800 for undertaking an apprenticeship in an

area of particular skills need. A tools for your trade voucher will be provided to your employer when

you have completed your first three months. Your employer will purchase the tool kit and make it

available for you to use. After completing the first six months of your apprenticeship, you will be

entitled to keep the toolkit
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships in NSW site, includes information on NSW Trade

Schools and their locations, as well as other useful information for schools, parents and students

interested in finding out more on School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Link from the NSW Department of Education and Training site containing information on the NSW

Trade Schools

Link for OTEN (Open Training and Education Network)
OTEN delivers TVET courses to individuals by distance education. You get the opportunity to study

where and when it best suits you. That may be at home, in the library or at school. It might be at

night, on weekends or even in the school holidays

NSW TAFE Directory
Hunter TAFE Website
Access information about traineeships and apprenticeships offered through TAFE NSW
TAFE and University credit transfer web site
HSC and TAFE credit transfer web site

NSW Universities Directory
Australian Catholic University (ACU National)
Australian Maritime College
Griffith University
La Trobe University
Macquarie University
Southern Cross University
University of Canberra
University of New England
University of Newcastle
University of New South Wales
University of Sydney
University of Technology, Sydney
University of Western Sydney
University of Wollongong
National University Entry Details
Listing all Australian Universities
New South Wales Universities
Victorian Universities
Queensland Universities
Western Australian Universities
South Australian Universities
Northern Territory Universities
Tasmanian Universities
Information for anyone thinking about going to University

Information on scholarships offered by Australian based organisations to Australians wishing to study

at home or abroad as well as international student’s whishing to study in Australia
A federal government site with links to every scholarship

Group Training Companies
Group Training Australia site, the national professional association for the national group training network.

Group Training can assist with linking young people to Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships
Group Training Association of NSW site, Group training Organisations providing employment and

coordinated training for trainees and apprentices across NSW
Ai Group Training: Engineering & Manufacturing Industries
Australian Training Company Ltd: Sports Industry & Others
Electro Technology Industry Group Training Co Ltd. Trading as Electro Group
Electrical & Electronics Industry
HGT Australia Ltd: All Industries
Health Industry Group Training Company: Community Services & Health
Hospitality Training Network of NSW: Hospitality Industry
Hunter Valley Training Company Pty Ltd: All Industries
HunterNet Group Training Company: Engineering & Manufacturing
Master Plumbers Apprentices Ltd
MEGT Australia: All Industries
Mission Australia Group Training Ltd: All Industries
MTA Apprenticeships Plus: Automotive Industry
NECA Group Training: Electrical & Electronics Industry
Sydney Training and Employment Ltd: All Industries
TABMA Training Pty Ltd: Construction & Others

Registered Training Organisations
Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to find any RTO throughout NSW servicing a specific region

Career Profiles on real people
Ace Day Jobs, a unique site containing a series of five minute video episodes of Australians with

innovative careers. Each episode takes you into someone else's world, and gives you an insight into

aerospace engineering, forensic anatomy, science reporting, and many more careers where people

are living out their dreams in their work. And there are plenty of suggestions on how to get there.

Ace day jobs is produced by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Personal profiles from people working in real jobs who outline their own thoughts and journey’s from

leaving school through to now. They offer advice on best bits, worst bits and other bits related to their

Real people, real jobs, learn about these and how subjects you’re studying at school can lead you to a

great career

Employment & Vacancy Sites
A site to find vacancies in countless industries and areas of interest. Can also link to numerous other

sites containing vacancies
Apprenticeships and Traineeships job site
Information on the Australian Government’s Job Network as well as helping you find information on

employment, workplace relations, government assistance, jobs, careers, training and wages
Jobs through the Australian Government’s Job Network
Employment opportunities
Hints to help find employment, prepare a resume, work experience opportunities as well as traineeships

and apprenticeships information
Employment opportunities
Employment opportunities
Employment opportunities
Casual / Part Time jobs for students and other people
Can increase your chances of being found for your next job. Upload your resume and build your online

network and more
Employment opportunities
Australian National Recruitment service
An employment search engine for Australia, allowing the user to search a growing selection of job sites

in one go saving you the trouble of having to go to each site individually. It lists job sites by Industry,

Function and Country of origin.

Volunteer & Community Work
Volunteer work is an excellent way of experiencing new challenges and learning about the world of work.

Volunteers provide an unpaid put valuable service to the community

Helpful Sites
The Careers Advice Australia website helping young people aged 13 to 19 connect to their future
A unique and comprehensive online career information service designed to help students make an

informed decision on career planning and pathways. Also contains a very extensive personality test

programme for career choice
Find out about job prospects, weekly earnings, type of work and other useful occupational information
Explore skills, knowledge, abilities, job environment and other characteristics associated with a job

Education and training, industries and industry profile information included in this site
Careers information
Thinking about your future, find information here on Australian Apprenticeships, Australian Technical

Colleges, the Career Advice Australia network, includes the Australian Skills Vouchers Programme

which helps Australians 25 years and over start or upgrade their qualifications
Careers advice and information
A link to numerous Australian Web Sites
Useful advice and information throughout
Hints and tips to help anyone to stay in training
The Source is a gateway to youth information, programmes, services, resources and entertainment

for young people between the ages of 12 and 25
Careers education site – Australian Career Development Studies
A very interesting site to help young people get a job, find a job, check their pay, do their homework,

even a guide for babysitters
National Training Information Service the database on vocational education and training in Australia.

NTIS is the official national register of information on Training Packages, Qualifications, Courses,

Units of Competency and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and has been developed for

experienced training sector users
From the makers of the ‘Good Universities Guides’ and the ‘Job Guide’ this link contains information

to help all Secondary Students
It searches Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, About etc from a single site a very handy site to help search

for just about anything from careers to information to help with school assignments

Worldskills Australia
‘WorldSkills’ Australia aims to highlight young Australian's skills excellence through trade competitions,

check out the site to find out more if you are currently participating in a vocational learning subject

at school
WorldSkills Australia Try'aTrade event allows young people to meet and talk with people who are

recognised as leaders in their trade, apprentices, TAFE teachers and local business people

Wage Rates & Awards, Employer & Work Place, Etc
Rates of pay in NSW
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations information facility
For information about employment issues including wage rates, working conditions, employment

contracts as well as recruitment and dismissal
Provides information about wages and conditions if you are covered by the new federal workplace

relations system

Occupational Health & Safety
A great interactive learning tool on Occupational Health and Safety in the work place, perfect for

use in schools
Work place safety hints for young people

Gender based websites
A site put together by the NSW Department of Education especially designed for boys. Offers

careers, jobs, news, links and even a quiz for boys to explore
A site especially designed to enlighten women about non traditional and emerging careers and

areas of study to help maximise their future opportunities
Success for Boys focuses on at-risk and disadvantaged boys and will address three key intervention

areas: positive male role models; literacy; and information and communication technology. Helping

boys achieve
Be inspired, get motivated and network with ICT women! The Females in Information Technology & Telecommunications [FITT] is a network to inspire, encourage and support women in the ICT industry

Television Show Web Sites
Kick start careers is an the online experience of the brand new show, Kickstart Careers featured on

Network 10

General Sites containing further links
Resume tips and help as well as a number of links to other websites listed in occupational type,

some interstate

Assistance and Benefits
Assistance young people can access such as Austudy, Youth Allowance, payments for Australian

Apprentices and Living Away From Home Allowance and others to help with progression through

education and from education to a career

Business – going into business for yourself?
Department of State and Regional Development site to help create awareness before setting up

a small business. Also what to look out for when running a small business
Offer a simple access to all government information, transactions, and services you need.

Provides information on planning, starting and running your own business
The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) helps eligible unemployed people to start and

run their new, viable small business. NEIS participants undertake and accredited 3 month

small business management course as well as ongoing training and support to help participants

become self sufficient
There are a number of programmes aimed at helping to build enterprise and skills to develop

innovative ideas as well as providing sources of training and education for those looking to

start a business

Directory of Government and Non Government Associations
This link can take young people to any association representing any industry and occupation to

help young people find further careers and industry based information and advice)

Subject Specific Career Resources
Careers in Mathematics and Statistics Website through the International Centre of Excellence

for Education in Mathematics. Some interactive profiles and interviews of people who need

maths to succeed in their chosen career pathway.
Careers resources for maths teachers to use with students, an excellent resource for all

mathematics teachers
The National Science and Technology Centre, A comprehensive site for teachers as well

as young people
Information on a variety of science based careers (Short visual clips outlining information and advice on all sorts of career

areas, very good visual resource for teachers and their students) (Australian Chicken Meat Federation site with

resources assist teachers in High Schools about the Chicken Meat Industry and the “Hatchery

to Home” program) (A very interesting site containing all sorts of information

including a careers adviser resources guide) (Services Skills Council of Australia site containing details such

as fact sheets, industry profiles, job vacancies and detailed sector information, including details

for career advisers)

Youth Assistance Sites and Services
Youth.NSW is the NSW Government's website for young people and workers in the youth field
A site produced through the Department for Victorian Services for young people in Victoria,

however plenty of information useful in NSW too
Youth Pathways has been set up to help the most at-risk young people make it through school

to the end of year 12 (or its equivalent), and beyond that to further education, training or

employment, and active community life.
A web site for young people who may need a more personalised approach
Kids Help Line is Australia's only free, confidential and anonymous, 24-hour telephone and

online counselling service specifically for young people aged between five and 18
Tips and features to help young people
This is a website designed for young people to learn how to best market themselves, their

skills and their talents
The Foundation for Young Australians is an independent national grant-making organisation,

funding and working in partnership with youth-led initiatives which aim to positively contribute

to young people and their communities