Creative and Performing Arts


Staff Members:

Mr J. Foy (Head Teacher) – Music

Mr S. Copland – Visual Arts

Mrs M. Dixon - Visual Arts, Photographic & Digital Media

Miss M. Fagg – Dance, Visual Arts, Photographic & Digital Media

Mrs D. Hogan - Drama, Visual Arts

Mr L. Holdsworth – Visual Arts

Mrs L. Martin – Music

Mrs K. Sokulsky - Drama

Courses Running in 2013

Stage 4 - Years 7 & 8

Drama, Music and Visual Arts

Stage 5 - Years 9 & 10

Dance, Drama Music, Photographic & Digital Media (Photography Focus) and Visual Arts

Stage 6 - Years 11 & 12

Drama, Music and Visual Arts


Additional Courses on offer for 2014

Stage 5 - Years 9 & 10

Photographic & Digital Media (Video Focus) and Visual Design

Stage 6 - Years 11 & 12

Dance and Photographic & Digital Media



·         CAPA Staffroom

·         Music Class Rooms (2)

·         Music Practise Room

·         Music Technology Lab

·         Photography Darkroom

·         Theatre (Used for Drama & Dance Classes)

·         Visual Arts Class Rooms (3)


Ensembles, Groups & Opportunities


Beginner Band – Mrs Martin

The Beginner Band meets for rehearsal/lessons every Wednesday morning in C25.

This group caters for those students who would like to take up an instrument for the first time, or those that need some extra help before they progress to being part of the Concert Band.


Concert Band – Mr Foy

The Concert Band meets on Wednesday mornings from 8:00 until 9:00 in C28.

This group is currently open to students of all playing abilities other than beginner level. All students are welcome to join the group and are encouraged to approach any of the Music staff to have a chat about your interest. The school owns several wind instruments that may be hired to students.


Stage Band - Mr Foy

The Stage Band meets on Tuesday afternoons from 3:45 until 4:45 in C28.

This is a selective group that features our more advanced players. Interested students should see Mr. Foy to arrange an audition.


Vocal Ensemble – Mrs Martin

The Vocal Ensemble meets for a rehearsal, before school every Tuesday morning in C25.

The Vocal Ensemble is responsible for performing at many official school functions as well as working on popular repertoire that they can present at MADD nights and Eisteddfods. All students are welcome to join the group. Please see Mrs Martin to express your interest.


Star Struck Dance – Miss Fagg

The Star Struck Dance Team meets for rehearsal during lunchtime every Tuesday and Thursday during terms 1 & 2.

This group is established by an audition process, as there is a strict cap on team size when participating in Star Struck. Please see Miss Fagg as early as possible in the year to express your interest.


School Musical

This is a biennial event. All students are welcome to audition for the many roles on offer from leads, band, chorus, dance, production and stage management.


Muswellbrook & Upper Hunter Eisteddfod

Muswellbrook High School competes in this Eisteddfod with school based groups in Dance, Drama & Music. In addition to this, students are encouraged to compete in individual sections.